Payment Processing Changes

Payment Processing Changes

Written by Dezines Editorial on 27th October 2015

All major internet browsers (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) are changing the way that they validate website security certificates to ensure the highest security level for users when making payments. As a result of this change, end customers of online businesses may see security warnings (e.g. browser errors, security certificate warnings) on their web browsers when using a secure website. This will only happen if the website they are visiting is using an older security certificate.

To address this issue, Sage Pay (along with the majority of other payment gateways and online banking web sites) are updating web certificates for all payment pages and forms. The update will occur automatically with no action required from your business.

Additionally, this change will not impact the majority of online shoppers apart from a small fraction who are using very outdated browsers on old computers. These shoppers will not be able to transact on any payment processing or online banking facility which has made these industry-wide changes.

If you have been impacted by this change, then simply upgrade to an up to date internet browser. This is strongly recommended to address this issue as well as for a number of other security and usability reasons.

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Payment Processing Changes

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