The Effectiveness of Online Video

The Effectiveness of Online Video

Written by Dezines Editorial on 21st July 2015

After wading through swathes of articles about the future of digital marketing, it is safe to say that if you were placing a bet on what the latest marketing trend would be, the front runner would be video.We've been advocating the use of online video content since 2010 for B2C and B2B projects.

It is estimated that 80% of all internet traffic will be video content (ComScore) within the next few years, meaning that in the future, rather than reading an article like this you are likely to be watching it.

Video is an effective way of satisfying a persons information and entertainment needs, allowing a business to keep a customer hooked on a webpage for minutes rather than seconds compared to traditional means. With high production values, but considerably lower production costs (when compared to television commercials), online video content enhances advertising and engagement opportunities for businesses, whilst giving extra scope for affiliate marketing.

When you think of video you probably imagine a large team of filmmakers with big infrastructure set-ups, but in todays world that is not always the case. Modern technology and faster HD and UHD production workflow outputs, means reduced costs - allowing on average 40 online videos being created per single television commercial. That said, it is mission critical that our video work is captured with high production values to provide maximum ROI for our customers.

When you think of video you probably imagine a team of filmmakers coming in with big cameras and lighting set ups, but in todays world that is not always the case. Video production cost have been drastically reduced due to the advent of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, cutting down on the need for several operators, and with the advancement in editing technology, production house workflows have been reduced too. This reduction in staff means that 40 well produced online videos, can be produced for the price of one tv advert. That said, we as a company strive to deliver all of our video work with high production values, that don't always come from using a DSLR.

Combined with an almost limitless audience (YouTube alone has over 1 billion unique views every month), and the huge scope for creativity afforded by video, businesses can develop real online personality whilst reaching customers like never before.

It's not just real-life video that is becoming more popular; businesses also recognise the power of motion graphics and video animations, which can contain large amounts of beautified information in a 60 second short film -another area of our creative expertise.

As busineses understand the need to differentiate their service offerings from their competition, we will see a huge explosion in businesses investing in high quality visual media.

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The Effectiveness of Online Video

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