Total Lunar Eclipse UK

Total Lunar Eclipse UK

Written by Dezines Editorial on 28th September 2015

Professional photography is a serious part to our business, whether it be product imaging, corporate shots, or where we supply public sector contracts, nature and natural wildlife photography is amongst our favourite area of expertise.

On Monday the 28th September 2015, we were up and about at 3am, to capture the total Lunar Eclipse that was visable across Western Europe, a good proportion of North Eastern and South America, North Western Africa and Antartica. We haven't seen a combination of a Total Lunar Eclipse and a Supermoon since 1982, and it won't happen again until 2033, so we felt from a historical photographic point of view, that it was very important to record this phenomenon.

Using a Nikon D3 DSLR and a range of telephoto and super-telephoto lenses, we were able to capture the entire eclipse from start to finish.  

It's not just beautiful photography that is becoming more useful to businesses - they also recognise the power of motion graphics and video animations, which can contain large amounts of beautified information in a 60 second short film - another area of our creative expertise.

As busineses understand the need to differentiate their service offerings from their competition, we will see a huge explosion in businesses investing in high quality PaaS ecommerce platforms, visual media and photographic services.Thinking of the Apollo Lunar Missions in the 60's and 70's it's hard to appreciate that we have more computing power in our PaaS (Platform as a Service) technology than a typical lunar mission spacecraft. Like the Apollo spacecraft that flew the brave astronauts to the moon and back to Earth, our website platform gets your business where it needs to be!

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Total Lunar Eclipse UK

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